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Sen. Elizabeth Warren chased through airport by Trump fans

A group of President Trump’s supporters in Nevada chased Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren through the Reno-Tahoe Airport,

The story: The Massachusetts Senator stumbled upon the protesters in MAGA hats, who were holding “Trump-Pence” signs when she arrived at the airport. The group followed her as she made her way through the airport, all the way to her car, yelling “go home” and “stop impeachment.”

Nevadans greeted Elizabeth Warren in Reno and let her know exactly how they feel about the Democrats’ despicable attempt to impeach President Donald Trump and undo the 2016 election. Join us and FIGHT BACK. Tell the Left to Impeach THIS ➡️

Posted by Nevada GOP on Wednesday, October 2, 2019

At one point, they started referring to her as “Pocahontas”- a nickname that originated with President Trump who used it to criticize her for claiming to have Native American heritage. Some critics said that it amounts to a racial slur.

The Nevada GOP shared the video on Twitter as well.

“Nevadans, like Americans across the country, are livid at the Democrats’ despicable impeachment inquiry and let Elizabeth Warren know after she landed in Reno. Instead of working on the problems families face, liberals like Senator Warren are fighting like mad to undo the 2016 election results and we aren’t going to stand for it,” Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald told NBC News 4.

The airport apologized to Warren in a tweet.

Warren has expressed support for impeachment earlier in the race. Given that she serves in the Senate, she can’t vote to impeach the president or not – only the House can.