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Kids’ show ‘Star Wars Resistance’ confirms openly ‘gay couple’

Disney confirmed that two characters on its ‘Star Wars Resistance’ animated series for children are a “gay couple.”

Disney executive producers Brandon Auman, Athena Portillo, and Justin Ridge said on the ‘Coffee with Kenobi‘ podcast that they are “proud” that the show’s two characters, Orka and Flix, are a “gay couple.” Ridge said about the two characters, “I think it’s safe to say they’re an item. They’re absolutely a gay couple and we’re proud of that.”

Orka is voiced by Jim Rash, while Flix is voiced by Bobby Moynihan. “I have had a sentence prepared for a year and a half,” Moynihan said. “If someone would finally ask me, I would say, ‘All I can say is that when Flix says I love you, Orka says I know.’ … They’re the cutest.”

Orka and Flix are non-human, but fans had assumed that they are homosexual, Life Site News reports. ‘Star Wars Resistance’ begins its second season on October 6. It was nominated for an Emmy last year for outstanding children’s program.

Monica Cole, Director of One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association, wrote that it is “not shocking” that Disney is “proud” that there is a gay couple in the animated children’s series. Cole said having a homosexual couple in a children’s show is “extremely disappointing” for numerous families and “completely unnecessary.”

“By choosing to abandon family-friendly entertainment, Disney’s move toward more adult fare may ultimately prove to be a huge mistake,” Cole declared, “The Disney Channel is deliberately choosing to promote adult content to children, while the entire Disney media empire is sacrificing children’s innocence.”