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Italian coach fired over Greta Thunberg post

An Italian youth soccer coach was fired Monday after posting a lewd comment about Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

Tommaso Casalini, an assistant coach of the Serie D club Grosseto, wrote the appalling comment on Facebook, which has since been deleted.

“This w****!  A 16-year-old can take a pounding, she’s at the right age,” he wrote.

Casalini was promptly fired over the remark, with the club stating he was “not acting in line with the club, who focus on moral values ​​even more than technical values,” according to Football Italia.

Casalini later apologized, saying:

“I’d like to publicly apologise to everyone, starting with Greta Thunberg, for the post I wrote on Facebook last week. It was an outburst written in a moment of anger against the young Swedish activist with absolutely the wrong language and content I regret.”

“I never thought or could never have really thought about certain things, especially a minor. However, when you make a mistake then it’s only right that you take responsibility for your mistakes,” he added.

“Therefore I willingly accept Grosseto’s decision to remove me from my role as assistant Coach of the Giovanissimi A, and I apologise to the club for the obvious embarrassment caused by my gesture.”