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Interview: Pelosi explains how she decided to pursue the Trump impeachment

In Thursday’s “The Late Show,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told host Stephen Colbert she “prayed” for America after learning about President Trump’s phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine. 

The interview: During the interview, Colber asked Pelosi what her first words were after learning about the July 25 phone call, adding, “we can bleep them if need be.”

“I prayed for the United States of America,” she answered, describing the entire situation as “sad” because “we don’t want to impeach a president, we don’t want the reality that a president has done something that is in violation of the Constitution.”

Pelosi continued to explain how she arrived at the decision to pursue the impeachment against Trump.

“I had not been, shall we say, enthusiastic about the divisiveness that would occur from a (sic) impeachment,” she said, adding that, “this was something that you could not ignore.”

“In one conversation, he undermined our security, by withholding military assistance to a country… to the benefit of the Russians,” Pelosi said of the president.

“At the same time, he jeopardized the integrity of our elections, the heart of our democracy. And in doing so, in my view, he possibly violated his oath of office.”