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CNN’s Don Lemon takes a swipe at President Trump

CNN anchor Don Lemon took the opportunity to take a jab at President Trump while reporting on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s apology for wearing “brownface” makeup to a party nearly 20 years ago.

Background: Trudeau recently drew mounting criticism for wearing blackface on several occasions in the past. On Wednesday, he apologized for wearing “brownface” at “Arabian Nights” party in 2001, when he was a teacher. In another photo, he wore blackface at a talent show, back when he was a high school student. Shortly after, a video of him in blackface emerged, taken around 1993-1994.

The apology: “I shouldn’t have done that. I should have known better, but I didn’t and I’m really sorry. I take responsibility for my decision to do that. I shouldn’t have done that. I should’ve known better. It was something that I didn’t think was racist at the time but now I recognize that it was something racist to do and I’m deeply sorry,” Trudeau told reporters.

Lemon’s comments: “I do have to say this before we go: think about it however you want to think about it. When someone apologizes- wow! We don’t often see that here, especially in a world leader who is saying ‘I should’ve known better and I’m sorry.’ You can feel about it however you want, but that, to me, that does mean a lot.”

Worth noting: While Lemon praised Trudeau’s apology, he blasted Megyn Kelly when she said that it was “OK” to wear blackface when she was growing up “as long as you dressed up as a character.” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson pointed to Lemon’s different responses on his show.

“The difference was that Megyn Kelly never wore blackface. She wouldn’t do that. She’s not Justin Trudeau. She just made the mistake of not seeming quite offended enough in a TV segment by certain Halloween costumes. For that crime, Don Lemon told us, she must be destroyed,” said Carlson.

(Image courtesy of Michelle Tiu / Neon Tommy)