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CNN analysts comments on President Trump’s new National Security adviser

Washington Post editor David Swerdlick criticized President Trump’s decision to hire Robert C. O’Brien as his new National Security Advisor. He suggested that he was chosen for the position because he is close with the president and that is not as qualified as his predecessors.

How we got here: Last week, President Trump announced that he is parting ways with his former National Security Advisor, John Bolton. The president said that he had asked for Bolton’s resignation, citing disagreements. Yesterday on Twitter, President Trump named O’Brien as Bolton’s replacement.

Swerdlick takes a jab at Trump: Swerdlick, who also served as CNN analyst, implied that the president often hires people he likes and agrees with. “Close to the president and the president likes him is a qualification for a lot of positions in the administration. This one being no different,” he said, reported Mediaite.

Background: The president sent O’Brien, a special envoy for hostage affairs at the State Department, to oversee the proceedings A$AP Rocky’s case, who was jailed after a court found him guilty of assault. O’Brien also penned a letter to the Swedish Prosecution Authority, warning of “negative consequences” in US-Swedish relations.

Swerdlick’s comments about O’Brien: He noted that Trump has turned to O’Brien when dealing with international issues in the past and said that he served as an “errand boy” in A$AP Rocky’s case.

“In that situation. he was functioning more like an errand boy than someone who was an independent adviser and senior State Department official…It suggests to me they are slightly downgrading this position. Someone to manage the National Security Council, but not necessarily be a Bolton, a team of rivals, a counterpoint to the others in the administration,” said Swerdlick.