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Chelsea Handler says white people should take racial sensitivity classes

Comedian and actress Chelsea Handler says white people should feel “uncomfortable” for being white and suggested they participate in racial sensitivity training in order to acknowledge their white privilege.

The story: Handler made the comments Wednesday in an appearance on “The View,” where she discussed her new Netflix documentary “Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea” for which she visited a number of college campuses to talk to black students.

Handler said during her visits she took sexual harassment and sensitivity classes, as reported by The Blaze.

She said her visit to the University of Southern California “wasn’t welcoming” as black students “took her to task” claiming that “You making a documentary about white privilege is an example of your privilege.”

“It wasn’t welcoming, you know? There were black people in that room that were taking me to task saying, all you do is come in here and take, take, take. You making a documentary about white privilege is an example of your privilege, and I — yes. That is correct, and it was good for me to hear.”

Handler said the problem was that white people “don’t want to be uncomfortable” about their whiteness considering America’s history of racism.

“Guess what! It’s OK to be uncomfortable!” she blared. “We can afford to be a little uncomfortable after everything that’s happened and stretch our, kind of, brains and our bodies to — to put ourselves in situations that aren’t natural, that aren’t comfortable.”

She said she felt compelled to take sexual harassment classes after someone reported she was being too “handsy.”

“I don’t know where that came into the picture..Because of my handsy nature. I’m, like, really? As a woman? Nobody can touch each other right now. I’m, like, all right. That’s good to know, and racial sensitivity classes,” she stated.

“We should all be taking all of those classes!” she added. “We all have to learn how to do better.”