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A digital battle over Lewandowski’s potential Senate bid

American Bridge 21 Century, a liberal super PAC, launched a movie trailer-like digital ad on Wednesday that aims to dissuade Americans from voting for President Trump’s former manager Cory Lewandowski if he decides to run for US Senate.

How we got here: This summer, Lewandowski said he was seriously considering a run for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination in New Hampshire. During his appearance on Fox News, after his testimony in House Judiciary impeachment hearing, he noted: “I’m very, very close to announcing my decision on the U.S. Senate race.”

On Tuesday, he announced a new website.

The ad will run statewide on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, American Bridge spokesman Zach Hudson told The Hill and will target independents and Republican voters. The 40-second ad describes Lewandowski as “foreign agent whose clients included a state-owned Venezuelan oil conglomerate,” “a lobbyist accused of selling access to the White House,” and “a bully who’s been accused of assaulting multiple women.”

Reasons: “Corey Lewandowksi is a shady grifter who gives snake oil salesmen a bad name. If Lewandowski is too unethical to work in the Trump White House, he’s certainly too crooked to represent New Hampshire in the Senate,” said Hudson.